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    Nigerian Student "Proves" Gay Marriage Is Wrong Using Magnets

    Yeah, science! Or perhaps not.

    This is Chibuihem Amalaha - an award winning student from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

    Chibuihem claims to have proven that gay marriage is wrong.

    So what advanced scientific theories did Mr Amalaha use to produce such findings? The humble magnet, of course.

    In an experiment that sounds a lot like our first ever primary school science lesson, Amalaha noted that only north and south poles of a magnet attract, while the same poles repel one another.

    Ummm... OK.

    In his own words, Chibuihem's research "means that man cannot attract another man because they are the same, and a woman should not attract a woman because they are the same. That is how I used physics to prove gay marriage wrong."

    But wait, he's also used chemistry to back up his theories.

    Though to be honest, his chemistry experiment sounds quite a lot like the last one. "A man cannot be attracted to a man as negative ion is not attracted to the negative electrode instead negative ion is attracted to the positive electrode. That is what electrolysis is showing us that gay marriage is wrong in the area of chemistry."

    Plus he's made the rather startling discovery that sperm on its own can't make babies!

    "The sperm in the man alone doesn’t produce a child and ovary in the female alone does not produce a child, they need each other for reproduction to occur. So that shows how biology proves that gay marriage is wrong."

    There are no words.

    If you like getting really, really angry, make sure you also read how Chibuihem has used maths to disprove gay marriage.

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