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23 Faces Everyone Who Went To A British Secondary School Will Remember

Next goal wins... H/T School Memories.

1. The "Walking Down the Corridor and Seeing Your Friend In Another Classroom" Face:

#SecondarySchoolMemories when you you see your friend in another classroom

2. The "I've Got Food In My Mouth and the Teacher is Walking Over" Face:

#SecondarySchoolMemories When you had food in your mouth and the teacher came over 😂

3. The "Someone Has Turned the Lights Off In the Changing Rooms" Face:

#SecondarySchoolMemories When someone turns the light off in the P.E changing rooms

4. The "Teacher Just Used My Work as An Example" Face:

When the teacher used your work as an example for the class

5. The "Teacher Stopped Me and My Friend Sitting Next to Each Other" Face:

When the teachers seating plan put you away from your friends

6. The "I Was the Only Person Who Saw a Fight So Everyone Keeps Asking Me About It" Face:

When you were the only one that saw a fight at school #secondaryschoolmemories

7. The "Everyone Get Into Pairs" Face:

8. The "Year 7 Tries to Talk to You When You're In Year 11" Face:

When you were in Year 11 and a Year 7 tried to talk to you

9. The "Scoring the Winner When It's 'Next Goal Wins' At Lunchtime" Face:

When you score the winning goal at the end of Break/Lunch #SecondarySchoolMemories

10. The "Person You Hate Gets a Question Wrong" Face:

When the person you hate got an answer wrong

11. The "Mum, It's 4pm, Where the Fuck are You?" Face:

#SecondarySchoolMemories when it's 4pm and your mum ain't shown up for you yet

12. The "Someone Said There's a Fight Happening On the Field" Face:

When word got out that there was a fight happening on the field... #SecondarySchoolMemories

13. The "Teacher Asked Me to Repeat What She Said Because She Thought I Wasn't Listening, But I Got It Right Word For Word" Face:

#SecondarySchoolMemories when your teacher asked you to repeat what they said and you got it right word for word

14. The "Realising You and Your Friend are In the Same Class" Face:

#SecondarySchoolMemories When you find out you and your best friend are in the same classes

15. The "Person Marking Your Test Asks if Your Answer Counts" Face:

When the person marking your test asks the teacher if your answer counts #SecondarySchoolMemories

16. The "Seeing Another School When You're On a School Trip" Face:

When you're on a school trip and see another school

17. The "When the Teacher Would Turn Around After Shouting At You" Face.

#SecondarySchoolMemories When the teacher turned round after giving you beef

18. The "Getting a Question Right That the Teacher Asked Because He Thought You Weren't Listening" Face:

When the teacher asked you a question because they thought you weren't paying attention and you got it right

19. The "Hearing Your Teacher Swear For the First Time".

20. The "Walking Out of School For the Summer Holidays" Face.

21. The "Watching a Video In Class" Face:

#SecondarySchoolMemories That moment when the teacher says you're watching a video

22. The "Your Name Just Got Mentioned In a Book" Face:

23. The "Finishing the Exam Then Discussing Your Answers With Your Friends, Realising That You've Failed the Whole Thing" Face.

after the exam when everyones discussing answers & you wrote nothing similar