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This Note From The "Game Of Thrones" Premiere May Reveal Jaime's True Intentions

"Fuck everyone who isn't us." Spoilers if you haven't seen the season premiere.

Now that you've had a few days to digest the Thrones season premiere, it's pretty clear that the biggest WTF moment was the sudden and bloody destruction of the Martell line.


Well, that or Melisandre's centuries-old birthday suit.

In just a couple of minutes Ellaria and the Sand Snakes stabbed their troubles away, seemingly taking control of Dorne so they can start a war with the Lannisters.


And as Jaime brings news of their daughter's death to Cersei, he seems to suggest that's something he's very up for.

HBO / Via

"Everything they've taken from us, we're going to take back, and more."

Moments before the mutiny, however, you'll remember that Doran was passed a note informing him of Princess Myrcella's death – though we didn't know who it was from or what it said.


Until now.

The day after the show was aired HBO's Making Game of Thrones shared this image, showing us exactly what Prince Doran read in his final moments.

HBO / Via

A couple of words on the right hand side are cut off, but it seems to read...

"The Princess Myrcella died by poison on our return journey. I suspect Ellaria Sand, not you, but my sister will demand war. I doubt Ellaria's head will appease her, but it is a start, along with your neices. Your son cannot stay in King's Landing. I am sending him back on the same ship."

People have pointed out the misspelling of "nieces", choosing to believe that rather than an error on HBO's part, this is evidence of incredible attention to detail because Jaime's character is meant to be dyslexic.

The most striking thing about this note is how calm and diplomatic Jaime is, despite the fact his only daughter just died in his arms.


Over the last few seasons – basically since he lost his hand – Jaime has gone through at least a partial redemption. Far from the man who once pushed an innocent child out of a window, Jaime is now arguably the only decent man left in King's Landing. He risked his life to save Brienne's, and went against his family by allowing his brother to escape execution.

The "fuck everyone who isn't us" Jaime we saw in the season opener felt more like Season 1 Jaime, so this note is a reassuring reminder that Jaime sees the world very differently to his sister. He wants to protect his family, but not if it means destroying the realm in the process.

A long time ago Jaime once killed a king who was intent on burning the city to the ground. If Cersei really is now seeking revenge at any cost, history may just repeat itself.

The note may also clear up what some considered to be a plot hole from the premiere.


At the end of Season 5 Trystane, Myrcella, Jaime, and Bronn sailed off on a Martell ship with all three Sand Snakes still on dry land in Dorne, but then in Season 6 two of them turn up on that very same ship in order to murder Trystane.

Jaime's note claims that he's sending Trystane back to Dorne (probably to protect him from Cersei), and so whether this ship was still sat in Blackwater Bay or on its way back to Dorne, it's likely that two of the Sand Snakes just jumped on another boat and caught them up – boarding once Jaime had taken Myrcella's body back to King's Landing.

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