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19 Things Only People Who Grew Up With MSN Messenger Will Understand

Brb, Mum needs the phone.

1. ωяιтιηg уσυя мѕη ѕ¢яєєη ηαмє ℓιкє тнιѕ.

2. Getting home from school, logging straight on to MSN, and staying on it until you went to bed.

3. Signing in and out so as to get the attention of the person you fancied.

4. Having entire conversations in emoticons over a decade before emojis became a thing.

5. Freaking out when the person you were talking to would type for AGES because you knew it was bad news.

6. But then eventually realising that they had been logged out and weren't actually typing anything.

7. "It said u were typing. What were u going to say?"

8. When the person you fancied would sign in, but you'd leave it 10 minutes before saying hello to avoid looking like a creep.

9. It taking 30 minutes for your friend to send you a song.

10. Using "Oops, sorry, wrong convo" to say something to someone accidentally on purpose.

11. Or instantly regretting saying something, so dropping the old "Sorry, that was my friend!"

12. Being really bored by a conversation so telling them you're going to bed before switching your status to 'Appear Offline'.

13. Nudging someone so much that you're told you can't nudge them anymore.

14. Listening to music in Windows Media Player so that people would know what you're listening to. (Probably The Offspring).

15. Asking your friend to check if the person you fancy was online because you were worried they'd blocked you.

16. "Hey" "Hey. U ok?" "Yeh u?" "gtg"

17. Being pissed off when someone would copy your font and text colour.

18. Putting your finger over your webcam and pretending it wasn't working.

19. And inevitably, having to leave a conversation because your mum wanted to use the phone.