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    Moving To London: Expectations Vs. Reality

    Has LDN left you asking WTF?

    1. Expectation: Your contract says nine to five.

    Reality: You stay until the work is done. And the work is never done.

    2. Expectation: You'll work hard but play hard. You're in the nightlife capital of Europe.

    Reality: You're just too tired. Maybe next week...

    3. Expectation: There are 6 million people — meeting the love of your life should be easy.

    Reality: People can't stop telling you about their friends' online dating success. Eventually you give in.

    4. Expectation: You'll spend your weekends looking around the markets.

    Reality: You spend your weekends trying to get over Friday night drinks.

    5. Expectation: You'll go home and visit friends and family all the time.

    Reality: You won't even leave Zone 2, let alone leave London.

    6. Expectation: Yes things are more expensive, but surely that means you earn more money.

    Reality: You don't.

    7. Expectation: You'll spend your nights in the coolest bars and clubs London has to offer.

    Reality: Enough said.

    8. Expectation: You'll live in a cool, spacious flat near your friends.

    Reality: You live somewhere so small and far from everything that you wonder whether you should have stayed at home.

    9. Expectation: You'll make the most of all the musicals and plays the West End has to offer.

    Reality: Yeah, good luck with that.

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    You can find the full story here.

    10. Expectation: You'll bypass public transport with a casual bike ride to work.

    Reality: You'd rather pay for the tube than put your life in the hands of London's drivers.

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    11. Expectation: You'll see you best friend who already lives there all the time.

    Reality: Somehow you see them less than you did before.

    12. Expectation: You'll visit all the tourist attractions and take in the city's unique culture.

    Reality: You refuse to leave the house at weekends to avoid encountering tourists.

    13. Expectation: You can get anywhere in no time thanks to the world-famous London Underground.

    Reality: "Please use the Rail Replacement Bus Service."

    14. Expectation: London is home to some of the coolest pop-up restaurants in the world.

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    Reality: They don't take reservations, so you queue for hours.

    15. Expectation: You'll go to the gym every night after work.

    Reality: You go to the pub every night after work.

    16. Expectation: You'll live there for five years before moving back home for a quieter life.

    Reality: You'll never leave.

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