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The 34 Most Satisfying Things That Happened In 2014

Warning: This post may make you happier than you've ever been before. Via /r/oddlysatisfying.

1. When this person's DVD collection was organised into a magical rainbow. 🌈

2. The marching band who made all other marching bands feel (rightly) bad about themselves. 🎺

3. This snake's path of least resistance. 🐍

4. The most perfect handwriting you've ever seen. ✒️

5. This company's brilliantly simple advert. 🚛

6. The time the people at 1302 power-washed their stoop and we needed to sit down for a moment to appreciate the beauty. 🚿

7. When you couldn't stop staring at this bench. ⛄️

8. This tray. 🍟

9. When these hangers became the eighth wonder of the world. ❤️💙💚

10. When these boxes found their true home. 🚚

11. The time breakfast made you feel a bit funny. 🍳

12. When someone managed to write the perfect letter "i". ℹ️

13. This yoghurt lid that you thought was just an impossible dream. 😍

14. This phone that was snug as a bug in a rug. 📱

15. And when this car's shadow perfectly lined up with the curb. 🚙

16. The time we all wished we'd though of this first. 👟

17. This untouched jar of peanut butter. 😵

18. Not to mention this majestic spoonful that was clearly created by divine intervention. 👼

19. The perfect circle. ⭕️

20. When someone managed to do this for the first time in human history. 😘

21. When this apple looked more like an apple than any apple has ever looked. 🍎

22. And when this one was perfectly peeled. 🍏

23. The way this water did its thing. 💦

24. This perfect impression of a door in the snow. ❄️🚪

25. When the person who worked in this grocery store made all our dreams come true. 🍅🍏🍊

26. These wires. 🔌

27. These pipes. 😱

28. When this person went to the pump and everything came up Milhouse. ⛽️

29. When this happened. 🚗

30. The time someone did the housework and the universe aligned. 🙏

31. When someone in this department store arranged the towels and peace reigned supreme. ✌️

32. The time the wrapping paper became the highlight of someone's birthday celebrations. 🎂

33. When this shop worker deserved ALL OF THE MONEY. 💸

34. And when the tale of the love between this bread and this cheese became the greatest story ever told. 💘🍞