Meet The Painfully Cute Police Pups Who Are Coming To Arrest You

    A life of crime has never seemed so appealing.

    Say hello to the newest litter of crime-fighting police dogs.

    There's Daisy.






    Echo (giving Lulu a piggy back).


    And Duke.

    You may be thinking, "If police dogs are that cute, I should commit some crimes".

    But don't let their fluffiness deceive you.

    You know how they say if you want to know what a girl will look like when she's older, look at her mum?

    Well, this is their mum, Saxon. Gonna mess with her? Thought not.

    Of the 9 dogs, 3 will go on to work for the Isle of Man police force, 3 will head off to Cumbria police, 1 will go to a charity, while 2 will stay on the island as pets.

    From the moment they were born, they've been eager to learn.

    Every day they're getting more agile.

    Venus has found ways of speeding up her growth.

    Polo takes a firm stand against crimes of fashion in particular.

    And they laugh (or woof) in the face of danger.

    They've been lending a hand with the chores. They paint.

    They empty the bin.

    Though, to be honest, they're not as helpful as they think they are.

    If they don't want to let you past, they won't let you past.


    And they're not big on sharing.

    You don't want to be around when it all kicks off.

    So next time you're considering breaking the law, think twice.

    You don't want these guys to turn up at your door... right?

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