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37 Life-Changing Moments For Anyone Who Was Born In The Mid '80s

Don't worry, life begins at thirty. But unfortunately so do hangovers that last a fortnight.

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3. Getting your first full-sized bike, often an inexplicably heavy Raleigh Max. And the first time you had an "incident" with the cross bar. Ouch.

8. In 1993 Jurassic Park blew your tiny mind.

Universal Pictures.

And, seeing as there wasn't much else to do in the '90s, you probably went to watch it over, and over, and over again.

13. When you first understood the phrase "scared shitless".


This moment also had the unexpected side effect of meaning you could never look at Jack Straw without feeling a shiver.

15. When, after years of having to tolerate four measly channels, a brand new free channel launched that was going to change TV forever.

18. Or a blue Smartie that was really blue. 💙

What happened to blue smarties? These are not blue, they're denim!

26. And then once Kazaa was gone, you probably switched to Limewire.


Of course, sharing songs with your friends on MSN Messenger was also an option. Providing you were happy waiting 20 minutes for a single track.

31. When you saw any of these bands play at your student union "before they were famous" and felt really smug.

Mercury / Wichita / Warp / Vertigo

The concept of feeling smug about seeing Razorlight is hard to get your head around today, but it happened.

35. In the pre-Netflix Britain of 2007, slowly improving internet speeds meant you could illegally binge-stream US TV shows like Heroes for the first time.

36. When the smoking ban came in and you suddenly didn't have to wash your jeans/hair every time you went to the pub.

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