28 Jed Bartlet Moments We All Need To Be Reminded Of Right Now

    FOUR MORE YEARS! If only...

    Listen to this as you scroll for the full effect:

    1. When the gloves came off.

    2. When this person realised you never question Jed's knowledge of the bible.

    3. Because this is what will happen to you.

    4. When he passed along some pretty solid advice.

    5. When he thanked Leo for everything he'd done.

    6. When Mrs Landingham handed out the tough love.

    7. When there was one job he valued much more than commander in chief.

    8. And realised that the two jobs weren't mutually exclusive.

    9. When he didn't respond to threats from the majority leader.

    10. When he offered Will a job.

    11. When he asked "what's next?"

    12. When it started to get a whole lot harder.

    13. When Josh needed to be told.

    14. When he and Hoynes had a moment.

    15. When he gave us a history lesson.

    16. When Sam was floored.

    17. When he knew he could rely on Charlie.

    18. Time and time again.

    19. And Charlie knew he could rely on the President.

    20. At the end.

    21. At the beginning.

    22. And in the darkest moments.

    23. When he started to doubt himself.

    24. When he said sorry.

    25. Pretty much anytime he called CJ by her full name.

    26. When Toby expressed some home truths.

    27. When something had to change.

    28. And Leo had a rather brilliant idea.