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    Joanna Lumley Wants To Build A Garden Bridge Across The Thames, And The Plans Look Amazing

    Of course she does.

    She's made shoes out of a bra, she saved the Gurkhas, and now she wants to build a bridge. And not just any bridge. Joanna Lumley's latest project is arguably her biggest yet - she wants to build a Garden Bridge across the Thames. "What might that look like?", we hear you ask. Well, quite a lot like this, apparently.

    Garden Bridge designer Thomas Hetherwick describes it as "two giant planters containing 1,000 tons of soil". It will provide a vital new route between north and south London and feature plants, trees, woodland and meandering walkways. For more information visit

    The bridge will run from the Southbank to Temple station on the north of the river. If you're having trouble imagining what this will look like, we've assembled this handy map.

    H/t TimeOut.