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    23 Things Everyone Who's In Love With "Westworld" Will Appreciate

    These violent delights have violent ends. (Contains spoilers if you haven't seen Season 1, Episode 7.)

    1. When we fully understood how technologically advanced the show is.

    HBO / Via

    2. This cosplay that doesn't look like anything to me.

    3. This pup who just wants to be free (from being put in dresses and photographed).

    HBO / Via

    4. When ~that thing~ happened.

    5. When you realised there's always money in the futuristic robot cowboy theme park.

    HBO / Via

    6. When the actress who plays Elsie gave this 🔥 response when someone suggested she swears too much.

    7. The inevitable confluence of HBO's two most heartbreaking twists of 2016.


    8. Maeve's FIFA 2017 ratings.

    9. When you realised how you'll be replying to pretty much everything anyone says from now on.

    "It doesn't look like anything to me" is my new fav way to creep people out now. #Westworld

    10. This game that Teddy has played many times over the years.

    11. When you're trying to protest in peace but the law has been reading fan theories on Reddit.

    Ofc Sean McGill, nice dude doin his job at the protest but wanted know if there are 2 timelines. #Westworld #Trip…

    12. This pumpkin.

    13. When Yul Brynner's character from the original Westworld movie made a cameo in storage.

    HBO / Via

    14. This thought we've definitely all had.

    SEXY ROBOT: Here in Westworld, you can live out your wildest— ME [totally distracted]: Is that piano seriously playing Soundgarden

    15. Delores and William bonding over some Enya in their downtime.

    Hahaha! I guess I'm it. #DoloresAndWilliam #Onlocation #westworld #enya #waterfalls @jimmisimpson

    16. And this rather odd but perfectly executed Dubsmash of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

    HAHAHA! I will add to this ;) #DoloresAndWilliam #RickyGervais #Westworld @jimmisimpson

    17. When someone pointed out you can make "Arnold Weber" by rearranging Bernard's name. We don't know Arnold's surname yet, but this seems like a solid theory.

    @AnthonyHopkins spoiler alert: you made Bernard. You sick sick Frankenstein genius 😁

    Is host-Bernard a recreation of Arnold? Time will tell.

    18. When you realise why this all feels so familiar.

    I love that the entire narrative of Westworld hinges on Anthony Hopkins failing to back his data up to the cloud

    19. This continuity – a host that was being designed in Episode 2 was being filled with blood in Episode 6.

    20. And this great use of colour when William and Logan were entering the park.

    21. A perfect summary of election night.

    We almost had West Wing but instead we got Westworld

    22. This pretty accurate description of how Westworld fans are feeling after that last episode.

    23. And finally, one more Dubsmash, because we're kind of obsessed.

    This one goes out to @evanrachelwood & @thandienewton for gettin all critically chosen right out the gate on…

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