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Is This What The Flag Of The UK Will Look Like If Scotland Gains Independence?

Though they are not for or against a change in flag, the Flag Institute have come up with some ideas for what a Scotland-less Union Flag might look like to start a conversation on the matter. So this is us having a conversation.

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1. This first option replaces the Scottish blue and white with the black and gold of the St David's flag.

Flag Institute

It's bold, there's definitely nothing Scottish about it, but it does have a rather German feel. We're not convinced.

2. Here the white of the St Andrews flag has been removed, and a Royal Standard covers the majority of the flag.

Flag Institute

Here's where it gets confusing. An independent Scotland would still have the Queen as their head of state, so the Royal Standard would still Scotland's red lion. But despite this confusion, this flag would be really hard to draw. So it's a no from us.


4. Scotland's blue has been removed, while a border containing national plants has been added.

Flag Institute

Daffodil? Nice. Shamrock? Sure. Rose? Makes sense. Thistle?! No. Just no.

5. All references to Scotland have been removed, and a Welsh flag incorporated.

Flag Institute

This one makes sense. And adding a dragon to any flag instantly makes it 500% more badass. Though it does feel a little uninspiring. We'll pass.

6. Scottish elements have been removed, while a Royal Coat of Arms takes centre stage.

Flag Institute

The garland around the coat of arms is make up of objects from around the Commonwealth. A nice idea, but unnecessarily intricate.

7. The individual flags of the three remaining countries each get their own quarter.

Flag Institute

But hang on, this one includes England twice? Apparently this is because it is larger than the other two nations. Yeah, good luck telling them that!


9. This one, designed by John Yates, is a more modern take.

John Yates / Flag Institute

Though it certainly has a cracked iPhone look to it, we're big fans of the originality on display here. This one keeps the Scotland blue to represent the fact it will continue to share the monarchy. But in that case, why change it at all?

10. Here the St Andrews flag has been removed, while the green and white from the Welsh flag make up the background.

Flag Institute

Now we're talking. The flags of all three nations are clearly visible, and it's as simple a design as the one we have today. This is how you keep everyone happy.

12. And finally, the blue here has been replaced with the black background from Wales' St David's flag.

Flag Institute

We like it. We like it a lot. Yes, there is a still a white diagonal cross, but if that wasn't there we'd be fundamentally changing a design that has been recognised around the world for centuries. Keep the design. Change the colours. Our sports teams will look pretty damn cool in red, white and black.

Have any better suggestions? Feel free to let us know below.


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