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15 Wedding Announcements From Couples With Deeply Unfortunate Names

Too good to be true? Let's find out.

1. Mr. & Mrs. Traylor-Hooker.

Turns out this one is absolutely real, though it's much less funny if you swap the names around.

2. Mr. & Mrs. Best-Lay.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Wang-Holder.

Yep. Seems legit. Though obviously they seem to have decided against the double-barrelled option.

4. Mr. & Mrs. Beaver-Wetter.

5. Mr. & Mrs. Gowen-Getter.

This Google search result seems to suggest this one is real. So he DID Gowen Getter.

6. Mr. & Mrs. Looney-Warde.

Too good to be true? Yes and no. They really got married, but the bride's Facebook page shows that they decided to switch things around. Understandable.

7. Mr. & Mrs. Busch-Rash.

8. Mr. & Mrs. Long-Wiwi.

We found her! Though she has sadly dropped her maiden name :(

9. Mr. & Mrs. Kuntz-Dick.

10. Mr. & Mrs. Fillerup-Standing.

This one HAS to be fake. Right? Wrong!

11. Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald-Berger.

12. Mr. & Mrs. Filler-Quick.

Not only is this one real, but it would seem they actually double-barrelled it. Splendid.

13. Mr. & Mrs. Hardy-Harr.

You couldn't make it up. And you don't have to, according to this news site.

14. Mr. & Mrs. Butts-McCracken.

15. Mr. & Mrs. Partee-Moore.

Turns out this pair Partee(d) pretty hard at their wedding which DID happen.