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    19 Times "Lovesick" Made You Piss Yourself, And 11 Times It Broke Your Useless Heart

    As we wait (im)patiently for Season 3, let's look back at what makes Lovesick one of the best new sitcoms in years.

    1. When Dylan was taken by surprise (for the second time that day).

    2. And when he was depressingly relatable.

    3. When Jonno took Evie for a romantic date to the hospital roof.

    4. When Luke talked about his life goals.

    5. And when Dylan was relatable, again.

    6. When Phoebe let Dylan down gently.

    7. And Evie definitely had a plan.

    8. And Jonno made a proposition.

    9. When Dylan gave Jane some pointers for the future.

    10. When something went wrong with the table plan.

    11. The final part of our "Relatable Dylan" trilogy.

    12. When Luke recited the entirety of Point Break.

    13. When Angus attempted bribery for the first time.

    14. When Jonno explained why he's such a catch.

    15. And Luke made some very Luke admissions. Such as...

    16. And...

    17. When the guys realised they weren't what they used to be.

    18. And this time it was Angus' turn to be painfully relatable.

    19. When Dylan described every failed relationship you've ever had.

    20. When Dylan did what best friends do. Whatever the cost.

    21. And Evie learnt the only lesson that's worth learning.

    22. When Dyl realised everyone knew. The whole time.

    23. And Evie and Dylan made this pact that they were both totally fine with.

    24. When Evie waited.

    25. And then it was Dylan's turn.

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    26. Whenever Evie drank whiskey.

    Clerkenwell Films

    27. When Luke told Dylan how he felt about Phoebe, but it was too late.

    28. And as he left her mum's house, you realised Luke got at least one of the things Phoebe and he had wanted...

    29. When he didn't want Dylan and Evie to miss their chance like he had.

    30. And when Season 2 ended and everything was worse than ever...

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    Don't worry, I'm sure Season 3 will be a barrel of laughs, right?