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Posted on Jun 8, 2015

32 Times Murray From "Flight Of The Conchords" Was Almost Too Funny

"You'd have to be deaf to hear that!"

1. When he made his point about love triangles in bands.

2. When he was stumped by one of the great questions.

3. When he was smoother than all of us.

4. When he made this excellent point.

5. When he taught the band a lesson.

6. When he knew all the lingo.

7. When he tried to help.

8. When he gave good sass.

9. When he took bureaucracy a little too far.

10. When he didn't take any shit.

11. When he couldn't hide his true feelings.

12. When there were definitely no biscuits.

13. When he summed up an entire nation.

14. When he wasn't up with popular culture.

15. Though there's some stuff he does know, obviously.

16. When he was respectful of the map.

17. When he was a creative genius.

18. When he felt truly betrayed.

19. When his style advice was on point.

20. When he looked out for his homies.

21. When he broke our hearts.

22. When he moved with the times.

23. When he made sure lines weren't crossed.

24. When his logic was flawless.

25. When he decided to write a song.

26. When his artistic direction was questioned.

27. When he said this.

28. When he let rip.

29. When he pointed out what he'd done for the band.

30. When he went all passive aggressive.

31. When we saw into his soul.

32. And when he made this common mistake.

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