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    Here's An In-Depth Explanation Of The New "Game Of Thrones" Trailer

    In case you missed it, the Season 6 trailer is FINALLY here. So we decided to take a look at exactly what it all means. Spoilers, obviously.

    As the sun rises on Castle Black, we're treated to a cutesy version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game".

    The camera pans in on a definitely dead Lord Commander, and all hope is removed as someone softly exclaims: "He's gone."

    Away from winter's reaches (for now), we see Jaime arrive back in King's Landing with the body of his recently murdered daughter.

    Back on dry land Jaime is trying to convince Cersei that the game isn't over just yet.

    Moments later Cersei looks to be back in full-on "I will fuck you RIGHT up" mode.

    Back in the north we see Ser Davos doing some excellent brooding, and it looks like he's ventured outside of Castle Black.

    Inside Winterfell Roose Bolton doesn't look best pleased with his son, probably as a result of Ramsay letting Sansa escape.

    Next we see a flayed man (this is what Boltons do to their enemies) on a battlefield. Who it is is anyone's guess, but it's probably not Stannis.

    Not accidentally, we go from flames to Melisandre, who is having a pretty severe crisis of faith.

    Somehow (hopefully this will be explained) Daario Naharis and Jorah the Explorer end up at EXACTLY the same spot where Daenerys was taken by the Dothraki in Season 5.

    Jorah even manages to find the ring that Dany dropped as she was being surrounded.

    Next we see Dany, who very much appears to be in prisoner mode.

    Then, surrounded by one mother of a khalasar, Dany looks up at what appears to be a giant statue of a horse on its hind legs. This probably means they've taken her to Vaes Dothrak – the Dothraki capital.

    Back in Westeros the High Sparrow definitely seems up for the battles to come. The Faith Militant vs the Lannisters/Tyrells will be one of Season 6's most important plotlines.

    Those grey skies and golden kraken banners mean only one thing – we're back in the Iron Islands.

    Last time we saw Sansa she was escaping from Winterfell, but here she is all warm and dry and wearing furs. So where is she?

    HEY TYRION. Chances are Tyrion's Season 6 will mostly be spent in Meereen, but this shot (and quote) suggest that he's still going to be a big player.

    Fifty-one seconds in we finally get some dragon action. But which one?

    Here's where shit starts to go down. Back in King's Landing Lancel Lannister tells Cersei: "Order your man to step aside or there will be violence."

    "Your man" being the reanimated, veiny-faced, skull-crushing, brother-burning, Frankenstein's monster of a Mountain.

    Then we're treated to the best line of the trailer: "I choose violence."

    Now here's a shot that even the most optimistic fan didn't expect to see in a trailer. See that guy with his sword out? That's almost certainly Ned Stark.

    From here the whole trailer starts to move pretty quickly. Back in Castle Black Ser Alliser Thorne is trying to knock down a door.

    In the throne room we see a definitely-not-out-of-his-depth King Tommen being backed up by his Kingsguard.

    The trailer makes it look like Tommen and Cersei are squaring up to each other. Perhaps Cersei gets sick of her youngest doing nothing with his crown?

    Then we see some horses seemingly charging into battle. Looking at the ground this is almost certainly Bolton-related.

    These ships don't seem to be having the best time of it. But who's all at sea?

    Over a minute in we finally get our first glimpse of Arya, who's on the receiving end of a rather painful blow.

    This is the only shot of Littlefinger we get in the entire trailer, but at least it tells us he's back in the North.

    Here's a brief glimpse of still-incarcerated Margaery. On the plus side, she still has all her hair.

    And this is one of the only shots in the whole trailer where we can't identify the subjects. Night's Watch? Wilding? Bolton? Other?

    The sigil on this banner is hard to make out, but to my eye it looks like the four chains linked by a central ring of House Umber.

    Then we see some kind of explosion/impact in what looks to be Meereen.

    Finally we get some Theon action (Reek is dead to us now). But he seems to have been caught by some Bolton men in the woods around Winterfell.

    Next we see a man wearing Greyjoy armour and a priest of the Drowned God flanking a character that's new to Season 6, Euron Greyjoy.

    In case you were wondering, it looks like Westeros' most famous twins are still at it in Season 6.

    Finally Brienne shows up, and in typical Brienne style she is killing some men. Specifically, they look like Bolton men.

    Then we see a woman looking into the flames. Our first instinct is that it must be Melisandre (who bloody loves looking at fire), but...

    Next up we get a brief shot of the House of Black and White, but we've seen that in the teaser trailer already, so, moving along...

    Then another thing we've seen before: Mel taking her clothes off. But who for?

    Speak of the devil. Could this be that resurrection? And if so, who's doing it?

    From one Stark we move to another. Maybe.

    Another northern battle scene shows Bolton forces coming across a group that seems to contain wildlings.

    Next we get a fleeting shot of Theon's sister Yara, who very much seems to be enjoying the company of an unknown naked acquaintance.

    Sticking with the Greyjoys, we get another clip of Euron, who seems to be up to no good near a bridge.

    And now we get to see something we've never seen before: Targaryen armour!

    Next we see Tormund stood in front of some flayed men shields, confirming the aforementioned "wildings fighting the Boltons" theory.

    Then we have another battle shot and some horses falling over. that Jon Snow in the background?

    Back in the capital it looks like Margaery may be about to give in to the High Sparrow.

    Then we see a bunch of people we don't recognise doing something probably not very nice to someone.

    Thankfully we definitely do recognise Arya. I'd be very surprised if they keep her blind for the whole season, but it certainly seems like she'll be spending the first few episodes in the dark.

    This one looks like it could be a rather epic scene. Jaime climbing the steps on his horse, with Tyrell guards behind him.

    Unlike the earlier shot of Sansa, here she appears to be running for her life. Chances are this scene is from around the same time as the shot of Theon being caught by the Bolton guards.

    Don't worry, we're nearly at the end. Just time for some angry Dothraki.

    And some even angrier wildlings.

    Yes! It's Bran. Yesss! He's standing. But no, he can't walk again.

    But, tbh, it's a good job it IS a vision, because he seems to be hanging out with the Night's King.

    And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Ser Davos delivers the second-best line of the trailer: "I've never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you're about to see."

    Don't worry. Only six weeks to go. 😐