How London Are You?

Do you know your TfL from your G-A-Y? Find out how London you are with this highly scientific quiz.

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  1. 1. Some friends are coming to London, where do you take them for a drink?
    1. Leicester Square.
    2. Clapham High Street, then probably Infernos.
    3. Shoreditch.
    4. Everyone you know already lives in London, so you just head to the local.
    5. You wouldn’t subject your friends to the extortionate prices and snobbery of a London night out.
  2. 2. Where would you prefer to go shopping at the weekend?
    1. Portobello Market.
    2. Colombia Road Flower Market.
    3. M&M World.
    4. Borough Market.
    5. The Trafford Centre.
  3. 3. Someone falls asleep on your shoulder on the tube, how do you react?
    1. Gently wake them, and ask if they could stop.
    2. Give them a shove so they wake up and realise what they’re doing.
    3. Get too nervous to say anything, so you let them sleep.
    4. You’ve been working 12 hour days, so you put your head on theirs and join them in dreamland.
    5. Move seats.
  4. 4. What is your preferred method of transport?
    1. Rickshaw.
    2. Tube.
    3. Taxi.
    4. Bus.
    5. Walking - transport in London is extortionate.
  5. 5. You're hungry, where do you go for dinner?
    1. Angus Steak House.
    2. Brixton Village.
    3. The food court at Westfield.
    4. Brick Lane.
    5. Euston Station, before jumping on a train.
  6. 6. Pick a tube line.
    1. Northern.
    2. Overground.
    3. DLR.
    4. Piccadilly.
    5. Transpennine Express.
  7. 7. Which of these is your favourite TV show?
    1. Coronation Street.
    2. Eastenders.
    3. Sherlock.
    4. Breaking Bad.
    5. The Apprentice.
  8. 8. Which type of exercise do you do most frequently?
    1. Running.
    2. Cycling.
    3. Bikram yoga.
    4. Free weights.
    5. Football.
  9. 9. Which supermarket do you use most frequently?
    1. Tesco Metro.
    2. Sainsbury’s Local.
    3. Waitrose.
    4. ASDA.
    5. The Co-op.
  10. 10. How much did the last pint of lager you had cost?
    1. Over £5.
    2. Under £2.50.
    3. Around £3.50 to £4.
    4. You prefer an IPA.
    5. You can’t remember, your boss bought it for you.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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