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How Badly Do You Suffer From FOMO?

Fear of missing out is real.

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  1. 1. Everyone at work simultaneously laughs at something that has been emailed round, but you didn't get anything. What do you do?

    You don't say anything, but you sit there and sulk about being left out.
    Instantly demand that someone send you whatever it was.
    Complain to HR that you're being left out.
    Ignore it. If it was that funny someone would pass it on.
  2. 2. Your crush is going on a night out with a load of single people. How do you react?

    Text them constantly to find out what's happening.
    Text a friend who is also there constantly to find out what is happening.
    Lie in bed unable to sleep because you can't stop thinking about what might be happening.
    Sleep. What happens happens.
  3. 3. You're really ill, but all your friends are going out. You...

    Stay in bed with hot drinks, drugs, and Netflix.
    Go out for a bit, but avoid drinking and head home early.
    Try to convince everyone else that they don't want to go out anymore so you don't miss out.
    Ignore your illness, get hammered, and feel ten times worse the next day.
  4. 4. It's Friday afternoon and you have no plans. What do you do?

    Embrace your night in, it's been ages!
    Text some of your most likely drinking buddies to see what they're up to.
    Text an ex that you probably shouldn't but it's better than doing nothing.
    Put an appeal out on Facebook to see if anyone wants to hang out.
  5. 5. Everyone at work is always talking about a new TV show that you haven't seen. So you...

    Accept that you haven't seen it — different strokes for different folks.
    Try to blag your way through conversations rather than admit you haven't seen it.
    Watch the whole thing in a weekend.
    Read the plot outline on Wikipedia.
  6. 6. You're on holiday — how often do you check your work emails?

    Never. The whole point was getting away from the office.
    Once or twice, just to rub it in.
    Every day — you don't want things to pile up.
    So often that people don't actually realise you're not in the office.
  7. 7. When do you go home from a night out?

    When your crush goes.
    When you're tired.
    When you run out of money.
    When they turn the lights on in the club.
  8. 8. Two couples are going on a double date and have asked you along. You...

    Politely decline, even though you really want to go.
    Tell them you have your self-respect, and that you'll find something to do that doesn't make you look lonely.
    Try to find a date to take along so you don't seem awkward.
    Fuck self-respect, it's better than crying yourself to sleep.
  9. 9. You find out that two friends who only know each other through you hung out without you there. How do you react?

    You're happy - the better your friends get on the easier your life is.
    You're not happy about it, but you bite your tongue.
    You cry.
    You forbid them from seeing each other without you there.
  10. 10. Your friends check themselves into a bar on Facebook and you didn't know they were out. You...

    Stay in bed.
    Like the status so that they know you know to make them feel bad.
    Pretend you didn't see it, and text them asking what they're up to.
    Turn up uninvited.

How Badly Do You Suffer From FOMO?

You got: Debilitating FOMO

Being you is an almost impossible task. We're surprised you managed to ignore what everyone else was doing long enough to take this quiz. You didn't even have FOMO until other people started talking about it and you wanted to get in on the action.

Debilitating FOMO
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You got: Severe FOMO.

Sounds about right. You probably only took this quiz because you saw someone else share it and wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

Severe FOMO.
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You got: Mild FOMO.

You can just about function without FOMO ruining your life, but you'd still prefer it if everyone could avoid having fun when you're not around.

Mild FOMO.
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You got: You don't have FOMO.

Wow. What's being happy and confident in your own skin like?

You don't have FOMO.
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