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31 Horrifying Problems Only People From The Isle Of Man Will Understand

No, it's NOT the one near Southampton.

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1. When you realise just how small it is.

2. This.

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3. The stress of trying to use a Manx £1 coin in England and hoping you'll get away with it.


4. When this happens.

5. When you go to uni and have this conversation 12 times a day.

6. When you tell people you're Manx and they think you're from Manchester.


7. Everyone you want to ask out is off limits because you know their ex.

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8. So you go on Tinder, but find that you have at least 20 mutual friends with every person on there.

9. Of course crime on the island is rife.

10. When will the madness end?!

Oh no, looks like it's all kicking off on the Isle of Man, the big stories always happen when I'm not there!

Kelly Foran@KellyForan

Oh no, looks like it's all kicking off on the Isle of Man, the big stories always happen when I'm not there!

12:11 PM - 20 Apr 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

11. Luckily we know how to come up with appropriate punishments.

12. Getting cash out before getting on the boat but realising you used a Manx cash machine.


13. "So, do you have, like, roads?"

14. "How about the internet?"


15. When you accidentally end up in Foxdale.

16. Or Ramsey, for that matter.

17. Being stuck behind a slow vehicle but knowing there are only two tiny stretches of dual carriage way on the entire island.

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18. Having to look at views like this.

19. Having incredible beaches, but there only being four days a year when it's warm enough to use them!

20. Being told, "There's a boat in the morning!" if you say anything slightly negative about the island.


21. Being booked on the boat, then looking at the weather forecast.

22. When you've just turned 18, but realise you're the oldest person in The Outback...

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

23. Being asked if you know Mark Cavendish.

24. Having to take Manx £1 notes as souvenirs when you go back to uni or visit friends in the UK.

25. Spending English money in the departure lounge at the airport, only to be given useless Manx change back in return.

26. "Is that a swastika?"

27. The Quarter Bridge.

Google Maps

28. Wishing Douglas was this fun all year round.

29. When the taxi home costs more than your entire night out.

30. When this happens.

31. The island being so small and boring that you quickly run out of things to complain about.