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    There's A Hidden Message In "Better Call Saul" That You've Almost Definitely Missed

    Vince Gilligan has been up to his old tricks again. Possible spoilers ahead (via @sirena6783).

    Anyone who's familiar with Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe will know that he's well known for inserting hidden messages into his shows. Such as foreshadowing...

    ...or callbacks...

    ...and even codes that need to be cracked.

    Therefore it was inevitable that people would be looking closely at Season 2 of Better Call Saul to see what they could find.

    Twitter user @sirena6783 looked at the episode titles for Season 2, and noticed that if you take the first letter of each episode you get a rather unexpected anagram.

    Look what happens if you read down the left-hand side of the rearranged titles. 😱

    @BetterTalkSaul on vacation this week, and have nothing but time lol

    Holy. Fucking. Shitbags.

    Last time we saw Gus Fring he was getting half of his face blown off at the end of Season 4 of Breaking Bad, but seeing as Better Call Saul is a prequel it would make sense that he'd turn up eventually.

    It wouldn't be the first time that Gilligan and the showrunners have used anagrams. "Felina" – an anagram of finale – was the name of the last ever episode of Breaking Bad.

    Bring on the season finale!