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Here's Something You 100% Missed From The "Game Of Thrones" Premiere

Unless you were enough of a geek to pause it and work out what it said in Sam's book, that is.

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But a long way from the North, or Dany's snazzy new pad, we saw two fan favourites come into contact with one another for the first time.


In an effort to fix his manky arm so that he can return to Daenerys's side, Jorah the Explorer has travelled to Oldtown in the hope that the Citadel holds the answers.

Lucky for him, and also plot, Jorah comes across Westeros's nerd-in-chief, Samwell Tarly, and his massive pile of books.


Clever as he may be, Sam doesn't yet know how to cure greyscale. So where could he find this vital information? You guessed it: THE BIG WESTEROSI BOOK OF EXPOSITION.

SO, what's the thing you missed? Well, Reddit user Beastmodekait paused the premiere at the right moment and managed to take this photo.

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While half of this page is cut off, it's possible to get a rough idea of what it's banging on about. We already know the chapter is about dragonglass and its uses – the opposite page is where Sam gets the epiphany about mining for dragonglass on Dragonstone.

The passage seems to talk about tales of dragonglass being used as a possible cure for illness and disease when it is ingested. It then proceeds to say that while little harm occurs from the ingestion, that you "can't discount the harm to the gullible". It's fair to say the writer of the book is not convinced, but surely this little tidbit will be enough to convince Sam and Jorah to give it a try. They don't have much to lose at this point.



Could this be how Shireen was cured? I'd bet all the money in the Iron Bank that it was, and that Jorah will be right as rain and back to moping about Dany before you know it.

Which is good, because we need him to fight the true enemy of the Seven Kingdoms...

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