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    Here's Some Symbolism In "Jurassic Park" That You Almost Certainly Hadn't Spotted

    Redditor mal_tls just blew our minds.

    Now, we've all seen Jurassic Park a million times, because it's arguably one of the best Hollywood blockbusters of all time and a lawyer gets eaten while sat on the toilet.

    At the beginning of the film Sam Neill's character struggles to put his seatbelt on when the helicopter lands on the island.

    Why? Well as this image shows, he's trying to connect two 'female' sides of the seatbelt, rather than one female and one male.

    Later in the film we then find out that there is no uncontrolled breeding on the island, because all the dinosaurs are female. A BIT LIKE THE SEATBELT.

    But despite having two female sides, Dr. Grant finds a way to make the seatbelt work.

    Just like the dinosaurs find a way to reproduce despite the fact they're all female thanks to gender-changing frog DNA.

    As Dr. Malcolm says...