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29 Pictures That Will Take All Brits Back To Secondary School

Anything but the Bleep Test!

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1. The living nightmare that was the Bleep Test.

2. Though there were disturbing rumours about what they were made of, these things seemed magical.

3. This was the hardest decision you'd make all day.

Microsoft / Via

4. And the sight of this book probably still makes you feel a little ill.

5. For some reason playing football in these was easier than actual boots.

6. Your pencil case was full of excitement. From the pens that definitely didn't improve your handwriting...

7. an endless supply of Parker ink cartridges that would inevitably leak and get everywhere.

8. IT lessons were spent ensuring the teacher didn't see you trying to beat your high score.

9. Or taking the ball out of your mouse.

10. There was no pain like being hit in the face by a dimpled plastic Mitre ball on a wet and windy day in February.

11. Except for grazing your knee on the AstroTurf. Maybe.

12. Long before PowerPoint, this was how your teacher would give presentations.

Creative Commons / Via

13. You'd spend your days looking at the ceiling to avoid being the victim of this never-ending game.

14. Maths was made marginally more tolerable when you worked out how to do this.

15. And chemistry always ended like this.

16. It felt like you read this EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

17. The last day of term was your mum's worst nightmare.

18. Keeping all work you did on the computers on a floppy disk with your name on it was totally normal.

Candace Hartley / Shutterstock

19. You'd eat these for lunch at least three times a week.

20. And no matter how many of these you'd bring in, you never really saw any benefit.

21. There was a constant competition to have the shortest tie possible.


22. There was always that one football that had lost its leather (so you could kick it for miles!).

23. As soon as you'd get home from school you'd be straight on MSN.

24. Anyone who was anyone had this rucksack.

25. Backing your books was an annual ballache.

26. And though you went to a music lesson every week from years 7 to 9, all you ever did was hit the demo button.

27. But when it came to musical compositions, this was where you really shone.

28. Long before Wikipedia, all essays were written with the help of this lifesaver.

29. And finally, you've still never regretted ANYTHING as much as you regret signing up to Duke of Edinburgh.