21 People Who Were Born To Do Their Jobs

    Nominative determinism FTW.

    1. This unfortunate athlete.

    2. This firefighter.

    3. This veteran.

    4. This criminal.

    5. This Christian guy.

    6. This doctor.

    7. Not to mention this one.

    8. And this guy who'll sort your back right out.

    9. These brothers.

    10. This guy who'll manage your meat.

    11. And this guy who'll rob it, apparently.

    12. This lawyer.

    13. This NASCAR driver who's not exactly slow.

    14. This weatherman.

    15. This deli manager.

    16. The richest and whitest Republican of them all.

    17. This expert rigger.

    18. This gynecologist.

    19. The police officer who couldn't have police officered ANYWHERE else in the world.

    20. This lawyer who you don't want to get on the wrong side of.

    21. And finally the world's best correspondent.