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A Terrible Thing Happened In "Game Of Thrones" And We Have An Important Question

Just when you think they can't make you feel any worse... (Contains spoilers.)

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Two weeks ago at the end of Episode 3, a couple of familiar characters returned. Good news, right? Erm...


Not so much. Rickon was back, as was Osha. Unfortunately they were now in the hands of Ramsay Bolton, which is always a good place to be. But worse than this, it was revealed that Rickon's direwolf, Shaggydog, had been killed to prove that Rickon was who the Umbers said he was.

Naturally, the internet was pissed off and devastated in equal measures.

Shaggydog was the cinnamon roll that was promised; too pure, too perfect for this world.

🌸Lady deserved better🌸 🌸Grey Wind deserved better🌸 🌸Shaggydog deserved better🌸 #GameofThrones


But then this week – after people were just starting to adjust to a world without Shaggydog – Bran's wolf, Summer, gives his life in order to save his owner.

Understandably, people didn't exactly take it well.

Without summer, winter is truly here. Forever love, fierce little one. #GameofThrones

Just tell yourself Summer has been sent to a farm upstate with lots of room to run and play #GameofThrones


With Sansa's wolf, Lady, being killed in Season 1, and Robb's Grey Wind another victim of the Red Wedding, this means we're now four direwolves (and a LOT of tears) down.

Thankfully we've seen plenty of Ghost in Season 6. OK, so he was a little bit broody when he thought his best bud Jon was dead, but with the reanimated ex-Lord Commander back to full health, we fully expect to see Ghost run head first into battle alongside his owner. If we're really lucky we may even see Ghost bite Ramsay smug's face off. We can but dream.

However this leaves us with one very important question – where the hell is Nymeria?!


Last time we saw Arya's direwolf she was was being sent away by her owner after she bit Joffrey on the arm (understandably so, right?) when passing through the Riverlands in Season 1. Scared that Nymeria would be put down, Arya sent her away to save her life.

It was heartbreaking back then, and to be honest it hasn't got any better with time. But will we see her again?


The signs are looking good. The very fact that two direwolves have died in Season 6 alone suggests that there may be some sort of direwolf redemption round the corner. Just when you thought the Stark pets were even more unlucky than their owners, along comes Nymeria to save the fucking day.

Combine that with the fact that we know we're returning to the Riverlands this season – Brienne has just been sent there by Sansa, and the trailers have shown Jaime leading a Lannister army from the south – and a much-needed reappearance from this long lost character is starting to look very likely indeed.

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