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    23 David Mitchell Quotes For People Who Hate Everything

    As Peep Show comes to an end, let's remember that the man behind Mark Corrigan is equally awkward, cynical, and self-deprecating. Just like you.

    1. When you give up on humans and get a pet:

    2. When you're more intelligent that everyone around you:

    3. When someone commits the unforgivable sin:

    4. When you're at home on your own:

    5. When someone asks you about your beard:

    6. When the universe confirms what you already knew:

    7. When you ruin the game because you actually hate fun:

    8. When someone asks you to do something you really don't want to do:

    9. When someone looks at you:

    10. When someone asks you for something:

    11. When someone asks what your life goals are:

    The Guardian / Via

    12. When you see someone you like in a bar:

    13. When you're the only one who's paying attention:

    14. When someone shows you affection:

    15. When you finally pluck up the courage to open up to others and they mock you, killing that last ounce of joy that remained in your cold, useless heart:

    16. When you're asked for you opinion:

    17. When you're invited to go speed dating because your "friends" think watching four episodes of The West Wing every night doesn't count as a social life:

    18. When you're accused of being a pedant but actually you're just being accurate:

    19. When you spot other people's bullshit:

    20. When you do anything, at any time, with anyone:

    21. When someone asks you to do something you really don't want to do, again:

    22. When you escape society and get back to your lovely quiet house, only for the news to be just as hateful:

    23. And finally, when you're as happy as you're ever going to get:

    Channel 4 / Via

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