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    28 Times "Breaking Bad" Was Really Fucking Funny

    I am the one who laughs.

    1. When Jesse was feeling hungry.

    2. When Saul and Hank exchanged niceties.

    3. And when Saul dealt with this awkward situation the only way he knows how.

    4. When Walt jumped to (understandable) conclusions.

    5. When Skinny Pete and Badger changed the way you'll watch Star Trek.

    6. When just as you thought you couldn't love Jesse any more...

    7. When Walt had a plan.

    8. And tried to teach Jesse along the way.

    9. When Mike made it clear he's all about equal opportunities.

    10. When Jesse showed off his powers of negotiation.

    11. When Badger had his heart broken.

    12. When we learned that NOTHING is more important than a coin flip.

    13. When Jesse went for the "say what you see" approach to naming things.

    14. When Mr White let out his inner Pinkman.

    15. When we realised there was a chance that Jesse has issues with authority.

    16. When Walt had arguably the greatest (and messiest) "I told you so" moment of all time.

    17. When Jesse's dietary tips were questioned.

    18. When Badger pointed out that not even the most powerful drug dealers/galactic warlords escape responsibility.

    19. When Walt put Saul's mind at ease. Sort of.

    20. Jesse's witty retort.

    21. And, of course, his description of the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.

    22. When Huell did exactly what you'd do in his situation.

    23. When Saul dealt with his beating surprisingly well.

    24. It takes more than a broken nose to break Saul's spirits.

    25. When Skinny Pete explained his priorities.

    26. When Saul had us almost convinced.

    27. When Jesse actually came up with an idea.

    28. And we all know how that turned out...

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. Let us know your favourite BrBa lines in the comments below.