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    The 26 Most Meta Things That Have Ever Happened

    DiCaprio's got nothing on this lot.

    1. This bird-shaped bird poo.

    2. Culkinception.

    3. This very droll tattoo that ignored the advice that it nearly gave.

    4. These inevitable comments

    5. This gif of a flip book of a gif.

    6. This painting.

    7. The teenager who had his mugshot taken while wearing a T-shirt featuring his previous mugshot.

    8. This list of lists of lists.

    9. This shredder shredding Shredder.

    10. This false generalisation.

    11. This hat hat.

    12. The label on this label maker.

    13. This pizza pizza.

    14. This graffiti on a graffiti truck on a truck.

    15. And THIS graffiti (we don't think they're sorry).

    16. All these vehicles on vehicles.

    17. This fortune cookie that, tbh, is just being a total dick.

    18. This self-fulfilling prophecy.

    19. The owner of both the best haircut AND the best T-shirt in all of North America.

    20. This cat on a cat.

    21. But not to be outdone, this pug in pugs...

    22. This vanity plate.

    23. This library's books on books for libraries.

    24. The person waving a person waving a flag flag.

    25. That time playtime got a bit weird.

    26. And finally, this post.