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    Posted on Feb 29, 2016

    21 British Shop Names That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

    Who says it's not just a massive coincidence?

    1. This supermarket in Aylesbury that, if anything, deserves our respect.

    2. The Salford off licence that knows every little helps.

    3. This shop in Birmingham that realised two knockoffs are better than one.

    4. The Cardiff takeaway who decided to "poke" one of the world's richest men.

    5. But of course all is forgiven if the shop name in question involves a 🔥 pun.

    6. I mean, that isn't technically the law, but how can you have a problem with this Anglesey barbers?!

    7. And this pun from a takeaway in Northern Ireland really does deliver.

    8. No company is too big for Britain's highstreet to take a swing at.

    9. The Colonel seemingly has no jurisdiction in Southsea, Hampshire.

    10. Or Leeds, for that matter.

    11. And talking of Leeds, let's not forget this perfectly cromulent pizza place.

    12. Or this noodle bar that doesn't have a clue why you're looking at it like that.

    13. The branding on this Hereford convenience store is truly groundbreaking.

    14. So much so that its influence has spread far and wide. From Surbiton...

    15. Nottingham...

    16. ...via Derby.

    17. This Brixton newsagents that took its influence from elsewhere.

    18. The coffee shop in Bow whose logo you definitely haven't seen used by another popular coffee shop that may or may not have a similar colour scheme.

    Google Maps

    19. The Bolton curry house that probably won't be "lovin' it" if it hears from a copyright lawyer.

    20. This pizza place in Liverpool whose shameless name you don't really care about once you've spotted their painful tagline.

    21. But the cheekiest example of all? No contest...

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