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    27 Pictures That Prove British Drunk People Are The Best Drunk People

    We may be a small nation – but we're a drunk one.

    1. Drunk British people know that comfort is far more important than aesthetics.

    Official campaign to find and knight the girl who used McDonald's wrappers for shoes last night

    2. They speak their mind where others would stay silent.

    3. And they find humour where others find only sadness. Or potatoes.

    My mother is drunk. I walked in to the kitchen to find her having aligned the potatoes in size order.

    4. They reach out to their nearest and dearest.

    Most people drunk text their ex or someone they fancy.... Not me.... What the actual fuck was going through my drun…

    5. And aren't afraid to make new friends in the most unlikely of places.

    6. Even if that place is "a cab driver's living room in Stretford".

    Fell asleep in the taxi and none woke me up. Now I'm back at the taxi man's house in Stretford watching take me out

    7. Though drunk Brits are no less likely to be a bit dickish after a few too many, they'll do their best to make up for it...

    8. ...because they own their mistakes and try to fix them.

    @_jodieduncan hahahahaha 'how to get sober fast'

    9. Drunk British people can always be counted on to be the life and soul of the party.

    When winter wonderland gets too lit 😂😂

    10. Even if they're not entirely sure exactly what's happening.

    11. They're conscientious to the last. Yes, this guy got a little confused and ended up replying to his own text, but the thought was there.

    12. They're not afraid of a little adventure.

    13. In fact, they laugh in the face of danger.

    14. They're forthcoming with their affections.

    15. And plan ahead.

    Thanks, drunk me for making a to do list for today....

    16. They always make sure you know they're OK.

    Just found this pic from when I was out fucked n I told my mum I was at home in bed n I sent her this

    17. Even when they're totally legless.

    18. Not everything they do makes sense.

    19. And it's a broad church – some people get drunk and dance on tables, while some just recreate famous memes.

    20. But if nothing else you'll be left with a hell of a story.

    21. Luckily the British police are always on hand to help out those who need help.

    22. Or to punish those who definitely deserve to be punished.

    23. Though unfortunately they can't help everyone.

    24. Drunk Brits realise that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing properly.

    25. And that it's always a good idea to find food before going to sleep.

    Mental night out after stealing a whole block of kebab meat. Thanks @DruggyBuilder & @sidneyabbot for helping.

    26. They have a way with words that their sober selves could only dream of.

    27. And, well...they just really like getting drunk.

    pre drinking is the best, whoever thought of getting pissed before actually going out and getting pissed is an absolute legend