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Take A Look At These Brand New Photos Of "Stranger Things" Season 2

Halloween isn't that far away. Right?

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It's been seven months now since we last took a visit to Hawkins, Indiana.


Last we saw, Eleven had disappeared, the demogorgon had been defeated, and Will Byers was vomming up a giant slug in his bathroom.

...and that one shitting MASSIVE monster was going to ensure that peace in this small town didn't last long.


Is it the thessalhydra that the boys talked about at the end of Season 2, or maybe just the demogorgon's very angry mother?

The trailer also confirmed that the show would return for Halloween 2017 – so we still have quite a wait. Luckily Netflix has just released a handful of new shots from Season 2.


In the meantime, here's the teaser trailer:

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