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    22 Book Lovers Who Are Doing It Right

    And people say reading is boring.

    1. This master of mystery.

    2. This person who understands true fear.

    3. Whoever spotted this.

    4. The person with a dark sense of humour.

    5. And the one who thinks outside the box.

    6. This person who has clearly read the Red Wedding scene.

    7. The conflicted librarian.

    8. The (hopefully ironic) chauvinist.

    9. The person responsible for ruining many a childhood by pointing out that this is, in fact, a quadrilogy.

    10. The potty-mouth.

    11. This person who could easily have put the sticker somewhere else.

    12. This absolute hero.

    13. This Richard Dawkins wannabe.

    14. Whoever did this.

    15. And this.

    16. Whoever arranged these books in the wrong order.

    17. This person who's a fan of White People Kissing by Nicholas Sparks.

    18. The person who had this much time.

    19. The person who knows where these books belong.

    20. The one who shouldn't be left alone.

    21. Whoever decided that this needed its own section.

    22. And the person who managed to fit everything that is and ever will be onto one shelf.