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    25 Truly Unforgivable Crimes Against Punctuation

    Your welcome.

    1. When this sign kept us safe from carnivorous furniture.

    2. This supermarket that ~sure~ doesn't understand apostrophes.

    Caught this crime against #punctuation today. I ask you, Savers of Abingdon, what that #apostrophe did to you! #awful

    3. This radiator, which lulled us all into a false sense of security.

    Phew, it's good to know there's no danger of sitting here. I'll have myself a sit. #punctuation

    4. The shop that had real trouble convincing people that these T-shirts were a good idea.

    #punctuation my inability to use commas is rarely as egregious as this! I can imagine such a tee shirt would chafe!

    5. When everyone was VERY confused.

    The most confusing sign ever? β€œ@cribble: Screw punctuation. ” #signage #punctuation

    6. And when everyone got naked before going into this shop.

    Just one more comma. That's all I ask. #punctuation

    7. The supermarket that was saving all its drinks for one lucky kid.

    Any idea which kid the drinks in Doncaster Extra are for? @tesco #punctuation

    8. When this person forgot the golden rule: When talking about education, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK FOR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS.

    Supporting teachers in Ipswich. #teacherROAR

    9. When news broke about the special relationship that was brewing between two old enemies.

    The best case ever for the #Oxford #comma: #grammar #punctuation #news #obama

    10. When this company proved that they should stick to maths.

    Whoever wrote the label for these maths sets failed English. #punctuation #fail

    11. The time we all understood this baby's wants.

    Why punctuation and font are important.

    12. This headline that so badly needed a comma.

    @Tweetinggoddess Put your feet up! #PunctuationMatters πŸ˜ƒ Happy #MothersDay

    13. "This sign" and the understandably sarcastic response.

    14. And whilst we're on the subject of unnecessary quotation marks, this truly terrifying advertisement.

    15. When red squirrels were shamed about being careful drivers.

    @SkyNews sometimes a lack of #punctuation in road signs can lead to confusion

    16. When this guy sent his girlfriend a sick burn whilst on holiday. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    This is one of those times where commas really matter. #punctuation

    17. The time that this motel remembered those who are so often overlooked.

    Misplaced words and a lack of #punctuation can affect how people interpret your #marketing messages.

    18. This sign that disappointed so many passers by.

    I will not enter. Consider it done. #punctuation

    19. This ad for an unconventional desert.

    Who's up for some elk and bison cheesecake? #punctuationmatters #funnysigns @jimmyfallon

    20. When this school was one comma away from getting it right.

    @Mrs_SPaG all it needs is an appropriately (or inappropriately) placed comma!

    21. This warning that is clearly a trap.

    22. This mistake that was twice as bad as it could have been.

    Correct use of apostrophes have gone to the dogs... #punctuation

    23. And this takeaway that should have realised that one apostrophe was enough.

    Preston, home of the random apostrophe. @TheMirrorStyle #Punctuation

    24. When the spine of this book suggested it was about something totally different.

    #Punctuation matters! MT @MyDofElife The difference in meaning between the spine and inner cover

    25. And finally this utter shit show, that was clearly written by someone who never needed to receive such a card.

    Just spotted a simply brilliant card to commend educational excellence #punctuation

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