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    America, Why Is There So Much Water In Your Toilets?

    Shit's about to go down.

    Way back in 2015, we had a very important discussion about why toilets in the US have a terrifying and unnecessary gap in the doors of their cubicles.

    A LOT has happened since then, but sadly the toilet door gap remains a constant source of confusion for visiting poopers.

    If @realDonaldTrump truly wants to Make America Great Again he can start by banning he gap in toilet stall doors you can see through.

    But we're not here to bring up old arguments. The world has a new, equally pressing question. Namely:

    How come there's so much water in American toilets

    Well said, Jake. And it turns out you're not alone...

    american toilets freak me out, why do you have SO MUCH WATER IN THEM?! i don't want to feel like i'm doing my business in a pool???

    American toilets are weird. Way too much water in them. THERE, I SAID IT.

    American toilets are so strange. The water levels are so high and wide that it's almost impossible not to get back-splash #TMI?

    People need answers.

    Hi America what the F is up with your toilet water?!?! WHY IS THERE SO MUCH WATER IN THE BOWL?! Got me thinking every loo in JFK was blocked

    But you can prove anything with tweets. Let's look at the evidence. First up, a British toilet:

    And it's not just the Brits. Here's a toilet from Down Under:

    One thing I found weird about American toilets is how far up your water sits in the bowl. This is an Aussie toilet'…

    Now, let's look at some toilets I've seen on my travels. (If you're wondering why I've photographed toilets, content never sleeps!)

    While this example from Universal Studios in Orlando is nearly full to the brim!

    As people on Twitter have pointed out, these high water levels come with some unfortunate side effects.

    One thing English have that are better than American is toilets. I'm fed up of my bollocks dangling in the water 😒

    A source of great confusion to me is how much water is in American toilets. It's like getting an enema every time I drop anchor

    These american toilets. Whats up with you people and the water levels? Sit down to poop and my balls are a bees dick away from taking a bath

    If you want to do a silent pee against the side of the bowl in the US, you're out of luck.

    American toilets have too much water in them. The back bowl stealth pee is impossible. Everyone knows I'm peeing.

    Dear America, why is there so much water in your toilet bowls!? It makes soundlessly peeing to the side of the wall almost impossible!

    And it's not all about when you're taking care of business. There are problems many of you won't have considered.

    Reason no.2 I dislike North American toilets having so much water: when you vom you get splashed in the face

    For some, it's even become a tourist attraction.

    Finally got to see ridiculous amount of water in american toilets lol

    Of course, it's all about what you're used to. Americans, on the other hand, are disturbed by our apparent LACK of water.

    Dear London, What kind of toilets are these!? Where is the water!? How do I flush!? We are not animals! Sincerely,…

    To be honest, yes, it does make...~marks~...a little more likely. But that's why you need a powerful flush.

    I'm just gonna say it. . . There isn't enough water in the toilets in London!

    Luckily there are some who are big enough to accept their flaws.

    While we fill our toilets with too much water, I'm still proud to be an American.

    One thing this issue does do is explain (to non-Americans) why the teen-movie-toilet-head-dunk trope is so common.

    Are American toilets filled to the brim with water? How do people in movies get so wet when their heads are dunked in the loo.

    In the rest of the world they'd just get slightly damp hair.

    But don't worry, America, you do pretty much everything else right. Look:

    At the end of the day, let's just agree to disagree on this one, and enjoy this photo of Joe Biden pretending to be the British prime minister.