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    26 Things All "Back To The Future" Fans Will Find Funny

    Jokes? Where we're going, we don't need...jokes. Oh no, wait. We actually do.

    1. When the Doc asked this stupid question.

    2. This cake.

    3. This licence plate.

    4. This nod from the makers of GTA V.

    5. And this one.

    6. This tattoo.

    7. This guitar pedal board.

    8. Not to mention this inevitable snowboard.

    9. Or this iPad case.

    10. This shot from '90s sci-fi show, Sliders.

    11. This hotly anticipated sequel.

    12. This dehydrated pizza pizza (that might be a cookie).

    13. This conversation on Tumblr.

    14. The flux capacitor hidden on The Polar Express.

    15. The time someone hit 88mph (or dropped a load of paint).

    16. This bet that couldn't fail... right?

    17. The curious case of Elijah Wood.

    18. These genius posters.

    19. How we all feel when we get post at work.

    20. This scene that didn't make the movie.

    21. This T-shirt.

    22. Doc logic.

    23. What Doc Brown actually looked like in 1955.

    24. And what Marty actually looks like in 2015.

    25. This dream that came true, just like it did for Marty.

    26. And finally the time you realised you'd seen Left Shark somewhere before.