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    12 Reasons Sheep Racing Should Be Your New Favourite Sport

    As if you didn't know already, Sunday saw the annual Moffat Sheep Races take place in the town of Moffat, Scotland. We take a closer look.

    1. If you can watch this clip without proclaiming that sheep racing is the best, then we don't believe you.

    2. I mean, seriously. It's sheep. Racing.

    3. And they've got knitted riders strapped to their backs!

    4. This is Electric Shepherd. Have you ever seen a finer looking sheep? No. No, you haven't.

    5. Sheep racing doesn't discriminate. There are white sheep.

    6. Black sheep.

    7. And even yellow sheep.

    8. When the sheep decide they want to stop, small boys run at them to keep the race going.

    9. Not only are these 'Sheep Boys' more effective than sheep dogs, but they're also cheaper to feed.

    10. Of course, there are injuries.

    11. But it's worth it to end up in the winner's pen. This is Wee Archie, the ovine Usain Bolt, if you will.

    12. So turn off the football, put down the tennis racket. From now on it's all about sheep racing. Ewe know we're right.