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    29 Life-Changing Items From Walmart That Every New Parent Needs

    You're going to thank us in nine months or less.

    I asked fellow moms in my ~parenting community~ to tell us the products they couldn't live without, and here are the results. You got this, everyone!

    1. A Halo sleep sack swaddle so you can feel safe(r) when your baby hits the sack. No loose blankets or need to master the art of swaddling.

    2. A Boppy nursing pillow, because it's multifunctional. Not only does it help position your baby while breast- or bottle-feeding, but it’s also great for tummy time!

    3. A Munchkin high-capacity drying rack that holds many feeding supplies without taking up precious counter space.

    4. A pack of Gerber cloth diapers so you have quite perfect burp cloths. Take a tip from the hospital and load 'em up!

    5. A Nose Frida snot sucker, because so many mamas sing its praise. It may sound gross to suck out your baby’s mucus, but they’ll have instant relief.

    6. A pack of Dr. Brown’s bottles that help reduce colic, spit-ups, burping, and gas. They’re lactation consultant—approved, so you know they’re good.

    7. A bottle of Babyganics lotion to keep your kiddo’s sensitive skin moisturized and protected for all of their adventures in the world.

    8. A hefty supply of WaterWipes, because they can be used for anything and everything — and aren’t filled with unnecessary ingredients.

    9. A HALO bassinet swivel sleeper that’s a lifesaver during the newborn stage. The swivel design makes it easy to feed throughout the night...considering you’re waking up every few hours!

    10. A 4moms high chair, because it’s pure genius! No more (or rather, fewer) spills, thanks to the magnetic tray and dishware.

    11. A Summer infant bath seat that offers an extra set of hands while they splash around in the tub. It makes bath time lots of fun!

    12. An Angelcare monitor you can place underneath the crib mattress, so you can have piece of mind while your baby is sound asleep.

    13. A Boon dishwasher basket, because everything gets so darn dirty!

    14. A supply of Honest Company diapers, because they’re absorbent, gentle on sensitive little bums, and made of naturally-derived and sustainable materials. Plus, aren’t the rose and strawberry patterns the cutest?!

    15. A set of Fisher-Price rattles to start your little rocker early. Make a jam session out of playtime!

    16. A Dr. Brown's bottle warmer that makes the milk just the right temperature and fast (quite a blessing when you have a hungry baby).

    17. An Aden + Anais muslin swaddle for just about any cloth need. And the sweet Disney designs don’t hurt either!

    18. A Nuby pacifier case, because babies' favorite thing ever is to drop the paci.

    19. A Bumbo floor seat to help your little one sit up during playdates, story times, picnics, and more! It’s designed with your baby’s posture in mind. (But be sure to only use it on the floor and once they can support their own head.)

    20. A healing Aquaphor ointment for many a skin irritation — from a rosy rash to chapped cheeks.

    21. A Munchkin sound and light machine to keep your baby asleep. Anything that helps is for sure a secret weapon.

    22. A My Brest Friend nursing pillow, because we love a good pun! And most importantly, it’s ergonomic for both the mamma and baby.

    23. An Angelcare bath support for youngins that goes directly into the tub. This is essential for those without large sinks!

    24. A tube of 100% natural Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream to keep even sensitive nipples protected.

    25. A Lamaze peacock for endless entertainment. With a peek-a-boo mirror, textures, squeaker, and crinkles, your little one will be mesmerized!

    26. An Infantino convertible carrier, because baby wearing is oh, so great for the mom and baby. And this carrier allows her to get stuff done without needing help just to get it on.

    27. A criss-cross nursing bra so you’re as comfortable as can be. Plus, it provides easy access for your babe!

    28. A Baby K’tan Active Carrier so you and your little one don’t overheat on warmer days of baby wearing.

    29. A Bumbo changing pad that’s thought of everything. It can easily be wiped clean, is contoured with your baby's comfort and safety in mind, and even comes with a belt.

    But the most important thing of all is a baby cub snuggle!

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