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16 Care Packages That Any College Kid Would Love

Care package is to college as cigarette is to prison.

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1. The "Good Luck On Your First Day" Care Package

Nothing's better than a beginning of the year reminder that you have the best parents in the world by way of a package filled with everything you forgot at home and were probably going to put off buying at Target for weeks.

It's an inevitability that every college kid will become ill at least once during his or her freshman year, and that first time being bedridden in a loud, dirty dorm can be rough. A "get well soon" care package filled with all of the essentials for beating a cold will definitely make it suck less. Throw in some Campbell's chicken soup, cough drops, these pill-shaped get well soon notes, and of course some real medicine too.


6. The "Home in a Box" Care Package

Obviously not New Orleans specific. Just grab some stuff from their favorite hometown restaurants/stores/teams to construct a care package that's just the taste of home they've been craving.

7. The "Hulk Up" Care Package

9. The Birthday Care Package

10. The "Monsters University"

13. The Holiday Care Package

~~ghost poop~~


A package filled with decorations (and of course snacks b/c always snacks) will add a festive flair to any dorm room for the holiday season.

15. The Vegan Finals Care Package