16 Signs Your Roommate Is Stealing From You

Because these people need answers.

1. When you ask what happened to your Oreos, they feign ignorance.




2. You’ve seen Instagrams of them in clothes that look very familiar.

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3. You run out of shampoo and conditioner suspiciously quickly.

Your roommate’s hair is always shiny and soft looking.

4. You’re constantly catching whiffs of your cologne/perfume when you haven’t used it.


Dolce & Gabbana


5. They have very little food of their own, but always seem well-fed.

6. You never have any socks.

Yahoo Answers

The sock monster is a conspiracy.

7. There are finger marks in your peanut butter.




No judgement if you did this yourself, but if you look into your jar of Skippy and see the indentations of a foreign finger, you know who did it.

8. There are often nibbles gone from your leftovers.

They thought you wouldn’t notice. HA.

9. They’re always paying for things with loose change. It theirs… maybe.


10. You’ve inexplicably lost a pair or two of generic earbuds.



It’s called “plausible deniability.”

11. You suspect that your alcohol has been watered down ever so slightly.

12. There’s all sorts of nonsense in your Netflix queue.

**Not really “stealing” per se but definitely a red flag.

13. They act very casual when you walk in. Too casual.

14. Your friends think you sound a little crazy when you talk about it…

Yahoo Answers
Bravo / Via Buzzfeed

15. Or that you’re overreacting…

Dune Entertainment / Via

16. But something fishy is going on. You’re sure of it.

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