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    23 Albums You Definitely Owned As A Christian Teenager In The '90s

    Your youth group played them so much, you had no other choice than to go out and buy a copy for yourself.

    1. Audio Adrenaline — Bloom

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    And, of course, after this you had to grab Some Kind of Zombie as well.

    Choice Tracks: "Secret" and "I'm Not the King"

    2. Skillet — Skillet

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    Before they went techno and changed members a dozen times they put out this gem.

    Choice Tracks: "Gasoline" and "I Can"

    3. Bleach — Space

    Amazon / Via

    If you bought Skillet's album, you probably bought Bleach's as well. Thanks Z-TV.

    Choice Tracks: "Epidermis Girl" and "Cannonball"

    4. Kirk Franklin — The Nu Nation Project

    Amazon / Via

    There's a chance you missed the album with "Stomp" on it, but no way you were missing "Revolution."

    Choice Tracks: "Revolution" and "Hold Me Now"

    5. Supertones — Strike Back

    Amazon / Via

    "Ska is going to live forever!" - You, in 1997

    Choice Tracks: "Little Man" & "Strike Back"

    6. Carman — R.I.O.T.

    Amazon / Via

    You can't hear the word riot without thinking about a Righteous Invasion of Truth.

    Choice Tracks: "No Monsters" & "R.I.O.T."

    7. Jars of Clay — Jars of Clay

    Amazon / Via

    Even if your friends didn't listen to Christian music, they knew about Jars of Clay, which was a good way to introduce them to other great bands.

    Choice Tracks: "Flood" and "Like a Child"

    8. Steven Curtis Chapman — Speechless

    Amazon / Via

    Has Steven Curtis Chapman ever made a bad album? No. The answer to that question is a solid no.

    Choice Tracks: "Dive" and "Great Expectations"

    9. Five Iron Frenzy — Upbeats and Beatdowns

    Amazon / Via

    Has there ever been a band that seemed like they were having more fun than Five Iron Frenzy?

    Choice Tracks: "Beautiful America" and "I Feel Lucky"

    10. GRITS — Grammatical Revolution

    Amazon / Via

    Finally, Carman wasn't your only source of quality hip-hop.

    Choice Tracks: "Ima Showem" and "They All Fall Down"

    11. dc Talk — Jesus Freak

    Amazon / Via

    It wasn't just a good Christian album, it was a fantastic album that everyone needs to experience. Plus it still holds up!

    Choice Tracks: Pretty much every song on the album

    12. Plumb — candycoatedwaterdrops

    Amazon / Via

    Almost every single track on the album sounded like it could've been a single.

    Choice Tracks: "Here With Me" and "Lie Low"

    13. Out of Eden — Lovin' the Day

    Amazon / Via

    It's arguably the most underrated album Goatee Records ever produced.

    Choice Tracks: "Lovely Day" and "Come and Take My Hand"

    14. P.O.D. — The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

    Amazon / Via

    P.O.D. had some solid albums before this, but when Fundamental Elements came out, it melted all of our faces off.

    Choice Tracks: "Southtown" and "Rock the Party"

    15. Jennifer Knapp — Kansas

    Amazon / Via

    Jennifer Knapp's Greatest Hits is so good it's almost not fair to put it in a playlist with anything else.

    Choice Tracks: "Whole Again" and "Undo Me"

    16. Newsboys — Take Me To Your Leader

    Amazon / Via

    After "Shine" you knew the Newsboys had to do something big. No one could have expected how good their next album was going to be.

    Choice Tracks: "God is Not a Secret" and "Breakfast"

    17. Sixpence None the Richer — Sixpence None the Richer

    Amazon / Via

    Admit it, you're adding this whole album to your Spotify playlist right now, aren't you?

    Choice Tracks: "Kiss Me" and "There She Goes"

    18. Rebecca St. James — God

    Amazon / Via

    That song just got stuck in your head again, didn't it? Sorry.

    Choice Tracks: "God" and "Abba (Father)"

    19. Jaci Velasquez — Heavenly Place

    Amazon / Via

    No one remembers buying this album, but everyone had it. It's like it just manifested in your CD collection.

    Choice Tracks: "On My Knees" and "Un Lugar Celestial"

    20. Michael W. Smith — The Live Set

    Amazon / Via

    Friends Are Friends Forever. That's all you need to know.

    Choice Tracks: "Friends" and "Rocketown"

    21. Switchfoot — The Legend of Chin

    Amazon / Via

    Long before they played Switchfoot in every store at the mall, you were all up on that Legend of Chin album in full force.

    Choice Tracks: "Chem 6A" and "Underwater"

    22. MxPx — Life in General

    Amazon / Via

    Did you learn how to play "Chick Magnet" on the guitar? You totally did, didn't you?

    Choice Tracks: "Do Your Feet Hurt" and "The Wonder Years"

    23. The Wow Compilation Albums

    Amazon / Via

    Why waste all your money buying a dozen albums that each had one song you wanted when you could just buy WoW and get them all in one incredible place?

    Choice Tracks: Uh, all of them!

    BONUS: Seven Day Jesus — The Hunger

    Amazon / Via

    OK, you might not have owned this one, but you seriously should get it now. It's one of the best albums you've never heard and you can buy it online for like $4. Go!

    Choice Tracks: "Forgive Me" and "A Time to Heal"

    Listen to the playlist here:

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