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    • robertp62

      What most commenters here seem to be ignorant of is that his experience as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan (and probably elsewhere to boot) has probably shaped him in some way. What do I mean? Once you have tasted the sweet joy of surviving a two way firing range, people actively trying to kill you, the trials and tribulations of enduring months living hostile parts of the world, life immediately becomes richer. Perspective changes as things like titles, ‘class’, ‘face value’ no longer hold the relevance they once did. If you can survive with you mind intact, you are granted a new view of freedom of action in life. Some use this freedom of action to live life to the fullest. In his case, Dan chose to follow a path where he he can fully experience the chaos of life. Other people find different things. This phenomenon does not rest solely in the domain of soldiering and can also apply with people who come from these places, aid workers or journalists. For me, what he is doing is quite evident. He is moving on with life after one beset by the horrors of the world.

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