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    10 Ways 2013 Is The Year Of The Aircraft Carrier

    Around the world, the iconic ships have been have been out in full force.

    1. China is starting to get serious about its carriers.

    2. In August, 2013, Japan launched the Helicopter Destroyer (DDH) Izumo.

    3. Also in August 2013, India launched its first domestically-built aircraft carrier, the INS Vikrant.

    4. The Royal Navy announced in July that "by the end of this year [2013] HMS Queen Elizabeth will be fully assembled” with an expected launch in 2014.

    5. In May, the U.S. changed naval aviation forever when it launched a jet-powered unmanned aerial vehicle from a carrier flight deck for the first time.

    6. On August 14, an F-35B made a nighttime precision landing on the USS Wasp.

    7. A carrier was sent out by the UK's Royal Navy for its symbolism.

    8. Russia will deploy its sole aircraft carrier to the Syrian Coast late this year.

    9. France sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to Syria's coast.

    10. But even though this has been the Year of the Carrier, sequestration still forced the U.S. to cut back on them.

    Robert C. O'Brien is the California managing partner of a national law firm. He served as a U.S. Representative to the United Nations and advised Republican presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney on foreign policy matters. Robert's website is Follow him on Twitter @robertcobrien.