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    18 Reasons Nottingham Is The Best Thing About The Midlands

    It's the indisputable Queen of the Midlands.

    1. It takes its drinking seriously.

    2. It basically invented swearing.

    D.H. Lawrence, Britain's favourite potty mouth, went to school on Waverley Mount above the Forest Recreation Park. And as James Walker explained on Radio 3, "[Lady Chatterley's Lover] paved the way for greater freedom of expression for us all". A Nottingham man made it possible for everyone to swear more freely." Thank you, Nottingham.

    3. It's home to lots of geese.

    4. It embraces snot.

    5. It's where Batman comes from.

    Gotham, a village just to the south of Nottingham, gave its name to the home city of Batman. The Notts village became immortalised after Washington Irving, the author of "Rip Van Winkle", referred to New York as Gotham in 1807.

    6. It's bigger and better than the rest of the country.

    7. Its people are very passionate about cheese.

    8. It's famed for its rebels.

    From Robin Hood and Lord Byron to Luddite leader Ned Ludd and "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning"’s Arthur Seaton, the city has nurtured a long line of anti-establishment folk heroes.

    9. It pretty much invented the Land of the Free.

    10. It gave us Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

    11. It's the home of breakdancing.

    12. The Salvation Army was founded there.

    Nottingham has been home to many religious radicals, including William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. Booth was a notable equal-opportunities employer, having famously exclaimed, "My best men are women!" One survey estimated that on any weeknight, the Salvation Army attracted 17,000 worshippers while the Church of England only got 11,000.

    13. It doesn't conform to sporting norms.

    14. It's great at catchphrases.

    15. Its people are incredibly well dressed.

    Nottingham was once the centre of the global lace industry. It’s also where Paul Smith began his illustrious fashion career. No wonder Nottingham folk are so much better dressed than everyone else.

    16. Brian Clough. Enough said.

    17. Actually, it just wins at football.

    Not far from the City Ground, a second football stadium, Meadow Lane, hosts the oldest professional team in the country, Notts County. But Nottingham also has a third team: AC Milan, created by homesick Nottingham lacemaker Herbert Kilpin in Italy in 1899. So, between them, Nottingham clubs have won the European Cup/Champions League nine times.

    18. And, there are more ducks in Nottingham than in any other town or city in the UK