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17 Questions The Rest Of The World Has For Babies

If only you could answer these timeless questions.

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1. What are you crying about?

2. Why will you only eat food when someone pretends it’s a train?

3. How come elephants can walk the day they’re born but it takes you more than a year?

4. Is peeing in your pants liberating or just really gross?

5. Seriously, what are you crying about?

6. What do you find so funny about my face?

7. How do you fall asleep like that? Can you teach us?

8. Do you actually just pretend you’re incapable of doing things so everyone else will do them for you?

9. Do you think adults are giants?

10. What’s it really like being born?

11. Why do you chew everything except your food?


12. Will you please, PLEASE tell me what you’re crying about?

13. When we play peek-a-boo, you’re just laughing to humour us, right?

14. Why do you love throwing everything on the floor? What’s the deal with that?

15. Is it annoying having all these big people fuss over you all the time?


16. What is it about public transport that makes you scream so loudly?

17. If I give you this lollipop will you please stop crying?


Oh babies, why you so weird?

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