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12 Things Everyone Assumes Coders Can Do

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1. "Hack in" if you forget your password.

Village Roadshow Pictures / Silver Pictures, "Swordfish" / Via

That's what security questions are for!

2. Jailbreak any phone.

Shahzad Anwar, / Via

We'd have to do it the same way you would: looking it up online first.

3. Spend a weekend and turn your app idea into a real thing.

Cameron Dallas / / Via

Well...maybe. But probably, it would take a lot longer than a weekend, and a lot of us don't code apps.

4. Build a computer.

That's hardware. Not our domain.

5. Totally slay at all video games.

brutalmoose, / Via

"Coder" does not automatically equal "gamer."

6. Fix the Wi-Fi.

JRT / BuzzFeed

We're on hold with customer service just like EVERYBODY else.

7. Teach you how to use that new program.


No matter what it is. No matter which platform it's on. No matter if it's hyper-industry specific and you have no relevant experience.

8. Build your own artificial language.


That's, like, a HUGE deal. Like, advanced degree years of study kind of deal. Legit computer SCIENCE.

9. Understand what you mean when you ask things like, "The old button changed — is that why the difference in email is?"

MEpearlA, / Via

We're coders, not mind readers.

10. Unsend that message where you hit "reply all."

Thinkstock, 2

We're coders, not magicians.

11. Get rid of computer viruses...remotely.

jdwfoto / Shutterstock / Emily Steele

If we are sitting in front of the computer, maybe. MAYBE, MOM.

12. Do complex mental math at the drop of a hat.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

Well — sometimes we actually can.