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9 Ways What You're Wearing Is Sabotaging Your Job Interview

First impressions are everything, so make sure your look is on point! OfficeTeam will get you the interview — now all you have to do is nail it.

1. Your red tie is exuding aggression, not confidence.

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Red is definitely a power color, but it may imply you're a little power-hungry upon first impression — not quite what you want to be demonstrating when trying to join a new team.

Instead, try...

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2. Those designer logos are making you look kinda shallow.

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When you show up to your interview, you want the first impression to be your neat appearance and sparkling personality — not your stuff. An overload of designer logos and trademarks give off an aura of insincerity and are too showy for an interview.

Instead, try...

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3. Your perfume or cologne is irritating your interviewer in more than one way.

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With about 30% of the population being sensitive to fragrance, it’s best to play it safe by skipping the spritz before you leave. Besides, when was the last time anyone hired someone because their scent was on fleek?

Instead, try...

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4. Your accessories are a bigger statement than your résumé.

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Big, overstated pieces of jewelry might be cute for the club, but an interviewer will only find them distracting, making it harder to focus on why you're the perfect fit for that killer position.

Instead, try...

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5. Your all-black ensemble screams “doesn’t play well with others.”

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Black clothing, especially in big cities, is considered sleek and sophisticated. For an interview, however, you want to appear as personable and dynamic as possible, and a primarily black outfit can send severe vibes, costing you a job offer.

Instead, try...

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6. You're playing it a little too casual.

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Just because the company seems pretty relaxed doesn't mean you should wear street clothes to an interview; dressing too casually can be interpreted as you having a casual attitude towards work and authority... Not too reassuring.

Instead, try...

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7. The flashy patterns and loud colors make you seem less trustworthy.

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You want to stand out in an interview, but you don’t want your bold clothing to be what the recruiter remembers. Flashy ties or loud tops can take the focus off of your words, and you don't want them to miss a beat of your brilliance!

Instead, try...

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8. Your look will be out of style by next season.

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Unless your potential job responsibilities include staying on top of fashion trends, you're better off saving those trendy looks for once the job is yours. Dressing too trendy can read to interviewers as your focus being on your vanity more than your work ethic — do not want!

Instead, try...


9. You're overlooking the details, so you're being overlooked.

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A good worker cares about the details... So what might it say to a recruiter if you're overlooking the details of your first impression? From scuffed shoes, to wrinkled suits, to white athletic socks — you could be counting yourself out by not sizing yourself up.

Instead, try...

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