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There's Something The British Papers Want You To Know About The Election

It involves Ed Miliband.

Right-wing newspapers haven't exactly hidden their feelings about Labour, but with the election a day away, they've decided to stop beating about the bush.

Here's the front page of Wednesday's Sun.

@hendopolis / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

And here's what the Mail has to say.

@hendopolis / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

The broadsheets are joining in too. The Times leads on Miliband trying to "con his way" into No. 10.

@hendopolis / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

The paper also endorses David Cameron in its leader column – ideally with a Tory majority, but if not in a renewed coalition with the Lib Dems. A Labour-SNP alliance, it says, "would tear at the heart of the Union and unpick hard-won gains since the recession".

Meanwhile, here's the Telegraph's take.

@hendopolis / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

Which leaves the Daily Express as the only one that didn't get the memo.

@hendopolis / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

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