Here's The Moment When A BBC Reporter Called UKIP A "Personality C*nt"

    Norman Smith had a bad case of the James Naughties.

    Here's BBC correspondent Norman Smith, talking about the latest UKIP infighting.

    If you turn the sound on, you'll hear Smith quoting Patrick O'Flynn, the UKIP MEP and former communications chief, warning that the party risks turning into "an absolutist monarchy and personality cult". Although that's not quite what he ended up saying.

    Luckily, Smith made a smooth recovery and continued as if nothing had happened.

    People on the internet were, of course, very amused.

    Someone buy @BBCNormanS a drink. He’s made my day.

    @MarcusDysch Hey @BBCNormanS, you were right the first time! @WomenDefyUKIP

    ...Norman Smith dropping the C-bomb there, live on air. While talking about Nigel Farage funnily enough. #Cultofthepersonality #UKIP

    Mind you, it's still not quite as funny as this James Naughtie slip-up on the Today programme.

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