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We Went To An Indonesian Restaurant To Try Some Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

Spoiler alert: Indonesian food is AMAZING.

Robin and Keith decided to stop by Simpang Asia to explore authentic Indonesian cuisine. You can watch their full experience in the video here:

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They started their journey with Nasi Goreng, which literally means "fried rice". It's one of Indonesia's most popular dishes.

Next, Robin and Keith sipped on Cendol.

Next up on the menu was Gado Gado, a popular Indonesian salad.

Then the guys got to dig into Sate, which is also spelled Satay in other parts of Southeast Asia. It's grilled meat skewers!

Next up is Mie Goreng, which literally means "fried noodles".

And then on to Ikan Bakar. This fish was marinated overnight and barbecued to give it a perfectly crispy texture and rich flavor.

Then Keith got to unwrap Nasi Bungkus. Yum!

The chef brought out his favorite dish, Rendang. This beef curry was slow-cooked over eight hours. That's a lot of love and time for this tasty dish!

They had Pisang Bakar for dessert. It's made from fried bananas, chocolate, condensed milk, and cheese!

Robin and Keith concluded that Indonesian food is delicious. As things wrapped up, they had to figure out how to divvy up the leftovers!