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    • robertb100

      Ugh, thank fucking fuck that these are able to be blocked now!
      I’ve had people tell me that anybody who bashed bitstrips are “just trying to look cool”
      However, I don’t think that’s the case, I think most of us are just artists… likely cartoonists and comic book artists like myself.
      Ever since the first time I saw a BitStrip, I’ve hated them.
      It takes comic book design (something I love) and cheapens it with it’s shitty looking characters, and cheap looking design.
      It’s ALMOST LITERALLY painful for me to look at that stuff.
      I cringe every time I see one. Learn how to draw, people!
      Or hell, you don’t even have to learn how to draw… just look at the success of Rage Comics.
      They might be made up of simplistic scribbles, but they’re still 100x better than BitStrips, because there’s actual expressiveness in them. BitStrips are just bland and devoid of expression, they’re just gross to look at, and their popularity still baffles me.

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